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3DzzD V1.1
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08/02/2014 - 3DzzD and this website are now 10 years old ! Happy birthday :)

The java 3DzzD project's development has been discontinued a while ago, you may use WebGL instead.

WebGL is now very well supported by all browsers even on Android mobile device and will be probably in some times supported by Apple devices too.

For 3D projects, questions, advices, etc... please visit DzzD society website at

Back to the story :

- 3DzzD is was a software 3d engine including a full 3d scenegraph, a physics engine, and all necessary tools to manage 3D scenes on HTML Web page. It can be used in full software mode and/or can use hardware support.

25/01/2010 - Web 3D CAR Game
- control a 3D car on a Skatepark, be care to not get outside the level !
- this game can be played in hardware or software mode

29/06/2009 - Viewer 3D V4 preview
preview of the next generation of the Web 3D Viewer
- realtime reflection map with bilinear filtering
- bliin material with realtime per pixel phong shading
- Java 1.1, no plugin requiered

26/06/2009 - Web 3D Demo of a little 3D car game with sources code available

- realtime 3d car physics

10/03/2009 - Preview the new comming 3DzzD Java 3D Engine release

- full 3D scene serialisation : save or load 3D at runtime
- new 3D functionalities
- more tutorials and samples
- improved memory usage

10/03/2009 - Development Kit download 3DzzD development Kit, now available under LGPL license

10/03/2009 - Forum looking for more information on 3DzzD ? try 3DzzD forum

09/10/2008 - Viewer3D V3.0 is the new version of Viewer3D Applet : it improve loading of blender 3ds export and unable two new Applet parameters to set camera properties

21/09/2008 - Panorama3D V2.0 the fastest and easiest way to display an interactive 3D Panorama in a web site without plugin, compatible with all platforms and browsers

21/09/2008 - Applet 3D demo Online FPS demo made with 3DzzD, running with all platforms and browsers. This demo also show how to take advantage of hardware support at runtime (updated 10/10/2008)

08/07/2008 - 3DzzD V2.0 Alpha release Web 3D API V2.0 (Alpha) release, including javadoc and two 3D Applet samples

04/07/2008 - The fastest way to put your 3DS file online tutorial and download to make interactive Web 3D Applet in a few minute

04/07/2008 - A Simple Web 3D car game using realtime physics engine

04/03/2008 - 3DzzD Free Panorama Applet, those three 3DzzD applets can be freely used to create panorama with spherical,cylindrical or cube map.

04/03/2008 - 3DzzD Planetarium is a sample applet showing some new features on 3DzzD as normal mapping....

04/08/2007 - 3DzzD V2.0 Alpha demo 3DzzD V2.0 production is progressing. we took care of the requests of users. 3DzzD V2.0 alpha will be available for download on september delayed to december 2008.

25/11/2006 - Tutorial : Learn how to load and control a 3D object with 3DzzD step by step

23/05/2006 - Last API release and demo source code : fix for hardware renderer click here to download API and sample source files

27/04/2006 - Last API release : fix for getRenderedMesh3DIdAt and getRenderedFace3DIdAt function click here to download API ans sample source files

10/04/2006 - First demo made with last API release smaller size for slower computer and bigger size for faster computer

01/04/2006 - Last API release downloadable All needed informations to download current API are on this 3d applet demo page, you may use this page for slower computer

25/03/2006 - API RELEASE : All needed informations to download current API are on this 3d applet demo page, you may use this page for slower computer

16/01/2005 - Java API current alpha : online version demo.

19/12/2005 - 3DzzD include now a full landscape engine

24/11/2005 - Alpha tests are in final stage. First Beta release will be available soon.

01/11/2005 - First JavaScript 3DzzD API demo made by ChAks

15/10/2005 - Interview of Bruno Augier about 3DzzD on 3d-test web site

05/09/2005 - alpha tests began yesterday and beta release will be downloadable in about 3-4 weeks, first version will include the followings features:

3DS loading : material,hierarchy, smoothing group,mesh,camera,lights

- Diffuse: diffuse map, detail map, alpha,( light maps : by combinaison of diffuse and detail map), perpixel mipmapping, 2*2 anisiotropie, bilinear filtering.
- Specular: color, power,level with real phong shading (only one light in first release)

Scene management:
- Hierarchy between mesh,camera,light as in 3DS file
- Time-based 3D animation : mesh/camera/light
- Time-based material animaion: alpha, color, specular
- Time-based : mapping animation
- Clipping box : xmin,ymin,zmin,xmax,ymax,zmax
- Camera : zoom, FOV, screen size, zclipping.

- Skybox : can be export->import from terragen software
- Antialias
- Double buffering
- Perfect zBuffer
- Unlimited world size (double precision)
- Collision detection and response (Time-based!)
- Fully java1.1 compatible sun and microsoft JVM
- Streaming textures and objects loading possible even at runtime
- Small applet size (less than 50ko for first beta release)
- Perfect perspective for lighting and texture : interpolated with 1/z
- Free for non-commercial
- And also Very simple to use!

More features will come with other release like fogging, Env-mapping, etc...
25/09/2005 - Last Online Web 3D demo : a Big Landscape width 3DzzD the java 1.1 3D API

12/09/2005 - Last online Web 3d engine démo : 3D Landscape Demo 3DzzD V1.1

08/09/2005 - Online 3D Lanscape demo : Online 3D Lanscape an other demo 3D Object

01/09/2005 - New demos : Online 3D Dynamic lighting and Online 3D Transparency

01/08/2005 - Real Time Web 3D API release is pushed back on a later date.

16/06/2005 - the site 3dcafe changed, samples URL (export) below do not work anymore, you will find other samples there :, but also how you can export from your web site.

07/06/2005 - 3DzzD API will be available in 6 weeks, new demos will be added soon.

01/05/2005 - 3DzzD API is started, this one will be soon downloadable.

30/04/2005 - The hierarchy of the objects and the use of pivots cause errors. This problem is identified and will be corrected soon. New functionalities will be added at the same time including transparency and Env-Mapping.

29/04/2005 - Additional tests are necessary. The opening of the studio is thus pushed back on a later date. There remains however possible to carry out simple presentations with the current version.

28/04/2005 - Export of a 3d model from a Web site towards 3DzzD studio!
click here to know more

27/04/2005 - It is now possible to upload a Zip file directly in the studio including the model and textures of the object.

25/04/2005 - The bug occurring at the time of the loading is now corrected.

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